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“Are you on the list?” This is the official announcement for the slate of artists and writers contributing to 27, A Comic Anthology inspired by the music of Rock n’Roll’s infamous “27 Club”!

This year, artists and writers were challenged to use their favorite artist of the 27 Club as inspiration for their own comic story or vignette. All the art and stories are original works inspired by a theme or premise in a song from a member of the 27 Club, or by the members themselves. And just as in previous years, 27, A Comic Anthology will be released as a printed trade paperback, as well as feature an expanded digital collection, slated for October this year!

This year’s list of contributors includes:

    Steve Addeo
    Blake Armstrong*
    Pablo Arriaga
    Scott Bachmann
    Theresa Bramblett
    Mario Candelaria
    Dino Caruso
    Dan Charles
    Alex Clark
    Alex Cormack*
    Patrick Drury
    Michael Ellis
    Ken Eppstein
    Ellen Goodlett
    Edgardo Granel-Ruiz
    Mad Moll Green
    Robert Grove*
    Chuck Harrison
    Nikola Jovanovic*
    Ashley Lanni*
    Ashley Leckwold*
    James Maddox
    Robert Marchese
    James McGee*
    Shaun Manning
    Victor Moura
    T. Perran Mitchell

    James Moore
    Mira Mortal*
    Mark Mullaney*
    Erik Radvon*
    Nick Raimo
    John “JAR” Rodriguez
    Y. Sanders
    Ryan Schrodt*
    Erica Schultz*
    Robyn Seale
    Brad Sun*
    Jennie Wood
    Jeremy Whitley*
    Cloidhna Ztoical*

Editor: Enrica Jang*

This will be Red Stylo’s fifth annual graphic anthology, joining KILLER QUEEN, Unfashioned Creatures, A Frankenstein Anthology, Shakespeare Shaken and The Poe Twisted Anthology in the series.

THANK YOU to everyone listed for contributing their talents and time to this project. More about this team as we move forward into production this year. Check back soon for more names on the list and then get ready to rock!

* Returning contributors from previous RSM anthologies.