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And has broken the seal on reviews for our newest anthology, KILLER QUEEN!

Geeked Out Nation writer/editor, Jess Camacho, had great things to say about the collection as a whole, and even mentioned a few stand-outs: “Crazy Little Someone to Love” (Mario Candelaria / Mark Mullaney), “Checkmate” (Samantha Cross / Bobby Breed), and “MECHABOTS: Princes of the Universe” (Jon James / Kelly Williams.)

She writes: “I was fairly shocked when I was reading “Killer Queen” to see that there were no gaps in quality. Every story is great from cover to cover.”

Read Camacho’s review here:

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KILLER QUEEN is the newest comic anthology from Red Stylo Media, a collection of original short comics, inspired by the discography of the greatest band in Rock-n-Royalty, QUEEN! KILLER QUEEN features stories and art by over forty contributors, and available now!

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