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Dead Darlings contributor, Jennie Wood, just posted a great interview with your truly, Enrica Jang, and fellow writer/booth mate/soul-twin Erica Schultz about comics and publishing!

New York Comic Con was amazing for many reasons, not the least of which was the opportunity to meet and chat with FLUTTER and A BOY LIKE ME writer, Jennie Wood! Jennie was a speaker on our very first NYCC panel, “Marry, Do, or Kill? What will it take to shatter female stereotypes in comics?” We sat down to chat after, and Jennie asked if Erica and I would answer a few questions to about indie publishing and the work of comics writing.

Jennie asked me how writing led to creating Red Stylo. We even discussed RSM’s fundraising effort (in partnership with Nick Dedual of Odd Truth Inc.) In the second part of the post, Erica talks about her hit indie series, M3, and how indie publishing led to her job as a writer for Marvel!

The interview is posted here:
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