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So great to read some of the reactions from Red Stylo’s first panel at New York Comic Con: this one from Geek Juice writer Rebekah Herzberg.

This 250 Lines of Resolution column addresses some of the feminism track at NYCC this year, including Red Stylo’s very first panel, “Marry, Do, or Kill? What will it take to shatter female stereotypes in comics?” with Enrica Jang, Jennie Wood, Erica Schultz, Dennis Calero, Andy Schmidt, Claire Connelley, Shaun Noel, A.K. Lovelace and Ellie Pyle.

Of our “Marry, Do, Kill” panel, Herzberg writes: “I felt that the panel got the best of both worlds as far as opinions go. One of the artists commented, ‘If I had super powers I would wear high heels all the time,’ while acknowledging the fact that one of the other ladies disagreed with this sentiment.”

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